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Compose Interiors is more than just Interior Design… it’s an interior SOLUTION when it comes to building or renovating.

Debbie's service is the RESULT of seeing clients having to COMPROMISE at the finish line of their build or renovation due to lack of knowledge, support, planning and consideration at the start. Debbie says, “it’s not the clients fault – you don’t know what you don’t know”, which is how Debbie become an EXPERT in her field. With her KNOWLEDGE, CREATIVE FLAIR and EXPERIENCE she focuses her interiors business on the end result, how you want your home to be when its FINISHED.


Debbie will LISTEN to your story, learn how you would like to live in your home, get to know your family dynamic’s, your styles and tastes (possibly even your shoe size!) and your budget to ensure that your new home is PERSONALISED for you.

"From our first meeting, I am confident that I will understand your design goals. My job is to help you create your dream home - an extension of who you are, reflecting your style".



There's a minefield of decisions to be made when it comes to renovating or building and its easy to become overwhelmed by all the information available, where to start and who to trust. As your designer you can involve me as much or as little as you like. Its your brief and with my skills and experience I will guide you and help simplify the process so you have a clear path to your end goal, saving you an enormous amount of time and energy.


Having a solid design and clear plan for your build or renovation (including all the finishing touches and finer details) before you begin will make the building process more efficient and cost effective. No need for last minute, on the spot decisions under pressure, we clarify all those decisions you didn't know you needed to make before we start.

Accurately allocating your budget for kitchens, bathrooms and feature items such as fireplaces and finishing touches like wardrobe fitouts, window treatments, floor coverings and furniture to ensure you have enough $$$ set aside to complete your dream home. Often you hear of people going 'over' budget, this is a direct result of insufficient planning from the start and sometimes unrealistic expectations of what you 'think' things should cost rather than what they 'actually' cost.


Another 'BONUS' when working with a designer gives you access to purchasing opportunities and cost savings from trade and wholesale suppliers that don't sell direct to the public. When it comes to renovating, building, furnishings and finishing touches we can generally source most things! There's a world of selections out there - ask and see how you can save.



Building or renovating need not be stressful when you have an experienced team on the job! Why not keep the stress at bay and allow me to guide and support you through the process, ensuring you are one step a head at all times. Knowing that you are in safe, experienced hands, will allow you to relax and enjoy the journey, leaving me to guide you in a stress-free way towards your home goals.


Through professional, solid processes, service and meticulous attention to detail, I will exceed your expectations with personalised design recommendations, direction, style and flair with both your design and budget. No need to stress, just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Are you ready to create a home you simply love to live in...

I would love to hear from you if you are planning a new build or renovation.

Debbie Portrait 2.jpg

Debbie Robinson Dip Int Des

Director/Interior/Kitchen Designer

10 FABULOUS reasons why you should consider working with me...
  1. I am qualified, experienced and award winning.

  2. All my designs are about you - its personal.

  3. I can offer a fresh perspective - one that you may not have considered.

  4. Use my experience - mistakes can be costly.

  5. Quality is HIGHLY valued - both with products supplied and service.

  6. Suppliers at my fingertips - simplifying the process and saving you time.

  7. Saving you $$ - Access to wholesalers, trade and designer discounts on quality products not often available via the retail market.

  8. Support - you have my full support guiding you to make confident and informed decisions whilst reducing stress.

  9. Trade contacts - should you choose to access them.

  10. Exceptional Management and Communication skills - keeping you informed every step of the way.

Thanks! Message sent.

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