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The client brief was to:

• Minimise clutter and maximise space with clever storage solutions

• Redesign and installation of new kitchen and laundry

• New flooring, paint colours, wallpaper and blinds throughout

• Design a custom bookshelf to replace several smaller book shelves

• Address furniture layout to create a more user friendly area

• New furnishings throughout, bespoke to each space

• Manage project, budget and trades team.

Our client had owned her CBD apartment for some time, however it wasn’t making her happy and with more and more time spent working from home during the COVID lockdowns, she was ready for change.

On our first meeting with the client, it appeared the she didn’t really have a bedroom as such, rather she was living in a dark and cramped wardrobe. Mismatched storage had been added over the years to provide what was perceived to be more storage, but in fact had turned the bedroom into a closet of clutter. After having gutted the bedroom, we had a purpose built wardrobe designed and installed with wall-to-wall sliding doors including a large mirror door to reflect light and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The client gained her bedroom back and it became a calm and restful place to sleep – no longer a closet!

One of the key changes, was painting throughout to give the apartment a fresh, more modern look. Working with a lighter colour palette made the small spaces feel larger than they were. With the addition of new blinds, feature wallpaper, floor coverings and bespoke furniture, it felt like a brand new apartment.

A redesign of both kitchen and laundry, provided the client with more usable storage space and practical functionality. The aesthetic was fresh and streamlined, giving the walk-through kitchen a modern, clean feel.

Having completed the full design process, we were ready for our trusted trade team to come in and bring our designs and idea’s to life.

Creating a more minimalist environment, allowed a carefully curated selection of our client’s most treasured art and sculptures to emerge and take centre stage.



Debbie has literally changed my life. I live in a small city apartment with little storage and in need of total refresh. It is now completely clutter free and a joy to be in. My  bedroom is now a beautiful bedroom, from being a “wardrobe”. We installed a huge wardrobe, paint and gorgeous wallpaper, new carpet, beautiful head board and new blinds. The textures and colours have created a peaceful, calm retreat from being a back room cave. My living area is unrecognisable with a new bookcase, wall paper, carpet and furniture. Debbie designed and project managed it all. Her choices are creative, full of interest and texture and provide a coherent vision throughout. Debbie was the main actor in the this project. Perfect!

Gill Aimer - Wellington CBD

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