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Compose Interiors is taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period.

We will be closed from the 21st December - 30th January 2019. 

Your enquiry is important to us, please email if you need to

make contact during this time. 


Concept Design and Spatial Planning is critical to successful Interior Design Projects. The first step in the interior design process when planning a renovation or new build is Spatial Planning. This is the process which considers how people like to use their homes, how they move from room to room, where the natural light comes, the style of the home and so forth. It's best to speak with your interior design before signing off your final working drawings as there are some key points that need to be addressed before building commences. For example lighting (our best kept secret!), an interior designer will be able to create a light plan which will become a bible for your electrician in the pre-wire stage! Window treatments also need to be considered, what type of window treatment are you wanting? Are they fit for purpose? Do the plans allow for these? Flooring, what is practical for your lifestyle, what kind of environment do you live in? Furniture placement, is there enough wall space? What room layout will work best? All of these things need consideration and planning well before construction takes place. Once the plans are signed off it becomes much more costly to make amends.


After project commencement, its a good idea to retain your Interior Designer to ensure overall integrity of the design concept is maintained by the various tradespeople as construction progresses.


One of the houses in this portfolio was completely redesigned from front to back - a full renovatation of a glorious old bungalow, transforming it to a modern, functional home for a young family to enjoy. This involved re-configuring the complete interior layout to work with the sun, building a large extension to add space for a fourth bedroom, an ensuite, a third toilet, separate laundry and an office nook - all whilst the people were still living there!

As you browse through each of these projects, take note of the window treatments - roman blinds, drapes, venetian and sun filter blinds. These treatments have been carefully selected and are fit for purpose - for optimising or reducing natural light to a room, to make a room feel larger or smaller, for wet area's, or for warmth and privacy. An interior designer will be able to give you un-biased advice for your budget and your situation.
Colours are used to express the personality of each of the homeowners. Its not something you can simply choose out of context. The skill in interior design is in capturing what's right for the style of the house, capturing the style of the people in the home and suitability for the lifestyle they lead.
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