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Summer Design Style Focus - 'Tropical with a Hint of Boho'...

Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year - so you can imagine how delighted I was to be invited to create an alternative interior design solution for one of the feature homes in the latest Habitat by Resene Magazine. I instantly relate this time of year to serene tropical islands with white beaches and sun, sun sun! With the launch of the NEW Resene colour fandeck 18 jam packed full of gorgeous spring/summer colours it was easy to settle on a 'tropical with a hint of Boho style' theme. Time to spread my LOVE of colour!

interior design colours for summer

I just love how the black and white floor mat grounds the design and balances the bright colours. With furniture and accessories - remember, if you can't find exactly what you want look to modify or upcycle something existing . I painted the coffee table top in Resene Ruby Tuesday to co-ordinate with other features in the room. The Merlyn Arcobaleno chair makes me just want to mix myself a mojito, throw on my sunglasses and sit back with the latest design magazine...


  • Ignore all the unwritten rules about colour and patterns!

  • Grab the latest Resene colour fandeck 18 from your local paint store.

  • Choose a couple of colours that resonate with you and your family. Look for hues that immediately bring the Spring/Summer feel to mind for you.

  • Head to your favourite online home decor stores (or your interior designer) and gather a couple of tropical inspired cushions.

  • Buy an indoor tropical palm or two to help bring the outdoors in.

  • Link furniture and accessories in a cohesive way. Look for a common, tie-in factor.

TOP TIP: colour is often used as the link

  • Add texture through wallpaper, rugs, cushions and plants - this creates a layered look.

  • Consider scale, proportion and balance as you go.

  • Add natural products such as macrame, cane furniture and a jute floor rug to complete the tropical/boho look!

Put it all together and stand back to critique! You can apply this theory to a whole room or just a particular space within a room.

Enjoy creating and most importantly - have FUN while your at it! And if you're still having trouble or you have a question, click HERE and drop me an email. I am only to happy to help!

If you would like to read the full Resene article then click HERE:

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